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Does Your Company Have More Contractors Than Employees? It’s Risky.

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Minda Zetlin reports “Google works hard to keep the 121,000 contractors it employs separate from its permanent employees. The two groups wear different colored badges, contractors are barred from some meetings, and they aren’t provided employee perks such as health insurance and vacation time. The company apparently put these measures in place to make the status of its contractors as non-employees legally clear. Even so, it’s still risking a major labor lawsuit in Google’s home state of California.

Last December, contractors at Google sent an open letter to CEO Sundar Pichai, demanding the same benefits as full-time employees, and also to be included in company communications and meetings.” See full article.

Does Outside Sales Mean Independent Contractor?

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From the Independent Contractor Misclassification and Compliance Legal Blog, Richard Reibstein divulges class action settlement between outside sales representatives and the cell phone sales company that contracted them. Richard writes:

A California federal court has approved a settlement of a proposed class and collective action by sales representatives against cell phone marketing company, Open Door Marketing, LLC, and others, alleging wage and hour violations of the FLSA and various California labor laws due to the sales reps’ alleged misclassification as independent contractors. The sales reps claimed they worked for Defendants to promote free cell phones and wireless service plans for low-income individuals who meet the plans’ requirements. The complaint alleged that the defendants exercised direction and control over the sales reps by requiring they send a picture of themselves at work each morning to prove their attendance at the required time; use a script when providing services; regularly attend meetings; attend pre-employment training; wear a uniform; use company-provided tablets; and advise their “supervisors” how many customers they signed up each day. Read more.

Health Care for Freelancers?

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California employers face substantial health care costs to cover independent contractors which may set precedence in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Oregon, Washington and other states with similar legislation tabled. 

Health insurance is the largest cost associated with employee benefits. How will you mitigate added expenses if the tide turns unfavorably? VentureTemp can help, and you can read more to find out what’s at stake.