Biden Supports AB5, Backlash from Democrat ICs

By | Business, Human Resources, Independent Contractor, Payroll, Technology reported last night on March 8th: Four days after voting ended in the delegate-rich CA primary, Democrat presidential candidate former Senator/former Obama VP Joe Biden has Tweeted support for AB 5, the “gig economy” bill backed by organized labor and enacted in 2019 by CA’s Dem majority legislature that freelance professionals in multiple fields (from musicians to writers to caterers to trucks) say has cost them jobs by requiring those who hire them to treat then as formal employees (subject to costly and complex CA labor laws and regulations) instead of as more flexible independent contractors.

Read more here as Businesses and Independent Contractors plan voting Red instead of Blue to save their livelihood: “The Democratic Party has lost me. I’m so tired of not being heard. It’s time to vote for those listening!” 

Further reporting from Blaine Traber cites: “Being in the pocket of Big Labor is the latest indicator Joe Biden isn’t fit for presidency….AB5 is a product of California Democrats and their allegiance to Big Labor. The measure has been sold as a way to protect gig employees even though a majority of those affected never asked for those protections. The reality is this is a play for labor bosses who want people forced into employee relationships with companies, thus expanding Big Labor’s control over the workforce.”