Proposed NY Legislation Indicates Gig Economy is on Life Support

Ford Harrison reports in JD Supra: In his 2020 budget proposal, Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed creating a 9-member marketplace worker classification task force to address seismic changes to the way independent contractors and other gig economy workers are classified. This task force will have until May 1, 2020 to propose legislation that addresses: wages; health and safety protections; specific categories of benefits; worker classification; criteria to determine if a worker is an employee; collective bargaining; anti-discrimination; opportunity; and privacy concerns. If the task force fails to make significant legislative proposals by May 1, 2020, the New York State Department of Labor will be authorized to promulgate regulations addressing these issues.

Governor Cuomo’s announcement follows a season in which multiple forms of legislation were proposed creating limitations on employer uses of independent contractor classification for workers. New York’s venture into the controversial terrain of regulating the gig economy follows on the footsteps of legislation passed in California and New Jersey. Read entire article.