VentureTemp provides employer of record services to help companies manage their contingent workforce. Using VentureTemp as the employer of record for your contractors, temporary workers, and short-term employees will ensure you stay in compliance on everything from worker classification to payroll taxes to mandatory benefits to workers’ compensation. An employer of record service puts your contingent workers on VentureTemp’s payroll. We ensure workers are compliant with federal, state and local laws, and payroll taxes are properly filed. We do all of the heavy lifting behind the scenes while you still retain full control over hiring, termination, and day-to-day worksite direction.

Out automated systems make it easy for you and your workers to navigate. We use a customized onboarding system, we’re E-verify compliant, offer optional background checks, employee online portal, sick/PTO tracking, direct deposit, online timekeeping systems and Expensify for processing employee expenses. Workers on our employer of record service love our prompt response times for support. You can focus on running your business and feel secure that your workers are receiving an excellent experience with our employer of record service in the background.